Call Recording Solutions Dubai (xtend Voice Logger)

Xtend Call Recoding solution one of the best and cheaper call recording device with software for pabx system, there are many types of call recording devices are available in the market, Xtend call recorder have  various types of call recording device available like analog trunk call recorder, digital ISDN PRI Call recorder, SIP Trunk recorder, extension wised call recording devices also available, this device can support Panasonic pabx, NEC pabx, avaya pabx and most of pabx brands,


Analog Line Call Recording Solution

Analogue Call recording device (Analog Voice Logger) can record multiple lines of analogue trunk like single line analog, multiple hunting lines and hypo analog line, it can record all telephone conversation by voice and its data like date and time, call start time, call end time, call duration, caller id name, destination name, missed call received call, dialed numbers, call cost, call type and many more, this call recording device will connect with a pc or server with an USB Cable, the call recording software will run in the pc and from the pc we can take all the call recording data and recorded voice.


Digital Extension Call Recording

Digital extension call recording device (Digital Voice Logger) is PC based hard ware specially for digital pabx system, this pci need to insert a pc and all data from the digital pabx will be recorded in the pc through the digital extension call recording card, the digital call recording device have very user friendly web interface display complete call recording detail and data like call recoding file, call start time, call end time, call duration, caller id name, missed call, dialed number, missed call received call, destination name, call cost and many more.


Digital Trunk ISDN PRI Line Call Recording

Xtend Voice Logger ISDN PRI is an USB-based c Call Recording Device, It is very easy to install, multiple line voice recording solution that can be used to record telephone calls on ISDN PRI and R2 (E1/T1) lines. All 30 PRI telephone channels of the  can be recorded in stereo or mono audio formats. Xtend Digital ISDN Call recorder can record the call data in stereo or mono mode, also can record call data like missed call, received call, caller id name, call start time, call end time, call duration, call cost. Quick connection to the ISDN PRI line and PABX along with the P2P USB connectivity totally eliminates the requirement to open up the computer cabinet and insert PCI/PCIe Cards.

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