Panasonic KX-TES PABX is one of the best hybrid telephone system for small and medium business. it will support up to 8 digital and 16 hybrid and 8 analogue extension. Basic Panasonic KX-TES 824 PABX is coming with 3 CO lines and 8 hybrid extensions, we can upgrade the pabx with panasonic KX-TES 82483 expansion card support 3  CO lines and and 8 hybrid extensions, the is 1 channel built in OGM ( Out Going Message) available, we can add our company greetings with out adding any card, also we can add 1 more channel adding by OGM expansion card. KX-TES 824 have supported hybrid key phones like panasonic KX-T 7735 and Panasonic KX-T 7730. We can configure the pabx by telephone by using panasonic pabx programming codes and through PC by installing panasonic KX-TES maintenance console. 

KX-TES 824 PABX Programming Codes

To enter the programming mode press program button in the master phone connected in jack number 1 then press *#1234

Note some important program codes are below

To change date and time: 000

To change CO dialing mode from pulse rate to DTMF  Mode : 401

To Change Class of service(COS) Day Mode 601, Night Mode: 602, Lunch Mode 603

To Enable and disable Caller ID: 900

To Enable and disable CO IN (incoming Call Ring) day 408, night 409, lunch 410,

To Change internal and external hold messages: 111

To enable and disable CO lines: 400

To enable and disable OGM, voice mail and UCD: Day 414, Night 415, Lunch 416

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