The Importance of Phone Systems

pabx system enable businesses to handle their communication needs with ease. By utilizing multiple lines to make calls, the business is able to work more efficiently. It may take some time for individuals to become accustomed to using the phone system, however, any difficulties will be rewarded by the overall advantages in the long run.

A phone system can be viewed as a small business telephone network within a business, whether big or small. The system is comprised of multiple lines connected to a base unit, usually a key system or a private branch exchange (PBX). This unit acts as the bridge to the public telephone network. The size of the business designates which unit would be better suited, with the  for smaller companies and the PBX for larger companies. As a business grows, these units can usually be expanded or upgraded accordingly. A fairly new alternative is also a VoIP system (voice over internet protocol). This system uses broadband internet and delivers clearer calls and more specialized features.

Having a reliable and current phone system aids your business tremendously. While it may seem costly to switch to a phone system, monthly bills are cut due to the integrated phone lines. These lines also allow employees to transfer calls internally. This is useful in the sense that if a customer calls the wrong person or extension, the call is effortlessly redirected by pushing a few buttons. The increased productivity due to an exceptional phone system may lead to business growth, possibly resulting in the need for more lines. Luckily, expanding or upgrading the phone system is relatively easy as business necessities are refined over time.

The individual phones currently on the market boast excellent features to assist your business. Some of the basics include voicemail, call hold/music on hold, call forward, speed dial and redial. Other features include auto-attendant, a recorded message which directs your call accordingly. This can be helpful as it eliminates the necessity of a live receptionist. Call conferencing connects multiple parties over one call, permitting businesses to reach out to customers, consultants, or vendors. Staying up to date on the latest phone technologies conveys a modern mindset for your business.

Having a phone system lets businesses stay connected to their customers and provide support and service in a timely manner. Communication is key to customer service so a great phone system is the best asset. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at +971 50 3656396 and our technical staff will gladly assist you as soon as possible.